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The Male Lead Always Want To Kill Me Chapter 19 - Same Bed (H)

 "No? But you're so hungry, your c u n t is empty. If I don't f u c k you, can you bear it?" He poked in, she was so wet that the air was filled with an unclear scent, but it doesn't smell unpleasant. He pressed his head on her forehead, "Huh? Little fairy?"

Who can imagine that someone like him will speak foul language in bed in an unreserved way.

She wrinkled her face, and when she heard his words in her daze situation, she was obviously dissatisfied. Feeling embarrassed, she retorted: "Um... I, I'm not..."

The girl's weak voice of resistance turned out to become a great stimulation. Her voice stimulated his ears. He enjoyed this feeling. He was seduced, kept thrusting and reaching her depths, and was on the verge of suffocation.

Meng Chu was also a mess. Under the crazy and thrilling thrusting of the man, she was full of sweat, and her head was full of his c 0 ck stretching her body. She didn't know whether to beg him to continue to f  u c k her or stop.

The meat stick squeezed into the entrance of her uterus again, ad then quickly penetrated it. Only a small half of his g l a n s remained outside, and then quickly thrusting in. The small c u n t sucked the man's r o o t s, and kept taking it in. The small c u n t shrank and it was like being straightened by a hard smoldering iron.

Meng Chu froze. After a hundred times of high-frequency thrusting, a weak sensation gradually surged from the depths of her c u n t. She was not a stranger to this feeling. After a small twitch, hot liquid gushed out and was stuffed inside her c u n t, the g l a n s was soaked wet.

Meng Chu was drenched again.

In a shirt period of time, the little girl could not take his teasing. She came twice, and was close to forgetting her shame.

As for the man, there was no sign of even wanting to shoot. He continued to pinch her waist and thrust into her body.

He was totally tireless, and his energetic p e n i s sprints hundreds of times in her c u n t that he had not touched for a month. The small c u n t was ravaged by his excessive friction and became red and swollen again.

"Don't... don't..." The girl's cheeks were red, her eyes closed, her long eyelashes trembling, and her voice gradually lowered.

Her body was also very soft, allowing him to play in various positions. Although the endurance of the c u n t has reached its limit earlier, the lewd water was not exhausted, and there was enough lubrication. It was pleasing to the man that no matter how much he stabbed in, it could never be enough.

After a long time, the man finally decided to end this fierce love. To be precise, it was his unilateral decision. The girl fainted early due to high stimulation for so many times.

He pulled out his p e n i s and retreated to the girl's lower abdomen. The swollen and erect m e a t  s t i c k spasmed a few times, and then a stream of turbid liquid spewed out. The white, sticky substance shot all over her flat belly, and some some splashed out and stained the sheets.

Chen Shuguan hugged Meng Chu into the bathroom and cleaned both of them. Only then did he hold her to the bedroom where he had changed the sheets.

The little girl was really tired. He tried to wake her up again, but she still did not respond at all.

Chen Shuguan remembered that when the little girl took off her coat four hours ago, her eyebrows were curled, and she said softly, "Professor Chen, I have to go back before 11 o'clock or the Aunt who is guarding the dormitory will lock the door."

He looked at the sleeping little girl, thought for a while, and then went to bed.

This chapter is dedicated to Becca. Thank you so much for your generous support!❤

I had planned to release another chapter but there's a sudden blackout in our place. I will post another chapter tomorrow.

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