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The Male Lead Always Want To Kill Me Chapter 18 - Lingering (H)

 The p**is was wrapped around her l**ia, and ti was slowly rubbing against her.

The white spring water from her c*nt soaked the sheets and the wetness covered his cock. The pair of scr**um under his c0ck were full of her wetness, which looked licentious.

He twitched outside her c*nt, teasing the cl*t. Even though every inch of him was clamoring 'f u ck her, f u ck her', the little girl was already aroused, so he wouldn't give it to her so easily.

In this one-bedroom apartment assigned by the school, only the girl's soft voice can be heard. She was moaning and groaning, and her consciousness is already drifting.

The c*nt was soft, and yearning for the thick c0ck that was close to its softness. She stretched her waist and tightened her legs towards the man, "Woo... I... want..."

"What do you want?" The man squeezed the girl's supple waist, his tone calm and idle, and even implied some warmth.

But what he said the next moment could make people's backs cool and stiff, "Meng Chu, can I f u ck you to death?"

The girl didn't know that she had gone from hell, her body trembled slightly, the wet tender flesh actively rubbing the man's c0ck, while her hands climbed up on his arms, "Yes, okay..."

Chen Shuguan found it strange that he had f u c k ed her several times but he has never seen her like this. It turned out that she can be so active when she's emotional.

"How can you be so attractive?" He muttered, almost unable to bear it, and he was close to losing his patience.

The hard and thick p3nis turned calmly, with force from the waist, the head of his c0ck opened her slit, and slammed into the c*nt, his whole c0ck penetrating inside her softness.

"Woo... it hurts..." The little girl exhaled in pain, pushing and shoving to try to get rid of the restraints. She was very delicate and weak, and she couldn't take it all in.

The c*nt spit out so much lewd water earlier and it was already soaked, and she unconsciously tried to take all of him.

It was really too small and tight and her p u ssy could not fully accommodate him. Even if he had already penetrated deeply inside her, she was still raw and stretched to the limit.

She still felt uncomfortable after all, and she couldn't help but shook her head, shrinking her hips and crying for mercy, "Go out, don't move anymore..."

Chen Shuguan suppressed her with his body, her breathing began to rush, and his lower body was connected to her. He shook his body, poked in, pecked her warm and wet lips, bit her little lip, and sneered, "Useless thing, and you had the courage to seduce me, clamoring to take it all in? Huh?"

Meng Chu's whole body trembled when she was penetrated again, and she was struggling to endure his wanton thrusts in her body. The pain of his t3sticles hitting her flesh slightly eased, and his p3nis penetrated into her depths again.

The thick g**ns involuntarily slammed open her uterus. The little girl shivered, wrapped her hands around her lower abdomen, and sobbed, "Woo... it hurts, no more..."

This chapter is dedicated to Becca. Thank you so much for your generous support!❤

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